eQuip is a comprehensive bank of career-related learning resources, designed to help young people to develop the skills, understanding and knowledge they will need to make effective, ongoing decisions and plans for their learning and career development.

It is a source of stand-alone, or grouped, lessons and activities, which can be introduced into existing career or PSHE programmes as required. Individual schools have individual needs, and may already be using excellent resources, some of which will have been developed locally.

eQuip activities will help pupils to develop:

  • self-awareness and confidence
  • an awareness of their achievements and successes
  • career-related information research skills
  • an understanding of how their interests, personal qualities, attitudes, values and skills can influence career and learning-related decisions
  • the ability to form positive working relationships
  • action planning and decision making skills in relation to learning and career development
  • an awareness of their rights and responsibilities in relation to working life
  • the employability skills and attributes they will need to succeed in an increasingly flexible and competitive labour market
  • the transition skills needed to move to the next stage of education or work.

Gateway developed eQuip in collaboration with teachers working in Scottish schools. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution to this resource. Many eQuip activities tie in with our well-established and popular career planning website, PlanIT Plus, at www.planitplus.net

eQuip also has a section providing a comprehensive set of PSHE related hyperlinks. These will take you to websites providing useful information and resources for teachers, and other guidance professionals, who are designing, and/or delivering, career, employability, enterprise and personal development activities or programmes..