You can easily locate teachers' notes, worksheets and any associated multimedia activities by using the Search - Find Resources option on eQuip’s home page.

You can search by Stage (CfE Levels), Theme and Topic to narrow down your list of resources.

Your search will take you to a menu of relevant activities or lessons, listed alphabetically by title.

Select a title to see:

• a description of the activity,
• the related learning outcomes; and
• the associated resource materials classified by format.

The resource materials for a lesson vary and may include: downloadable PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Flash media files. Select the link to a resource to open it.

In most cases, we have provided hard-copy versions of any multimedia quizzes or self-assessments. These can be downloaded along with teacher’s notes and any worksheets and photocopied for use in class. Therefore, students do not necessarily require access to a computer and/or the internet. Where computer or internet access is required this is mentioned in the description of the activity.

Students using the multimedia activities – games, quizzes and self-assessments – at computer workstations will find them listed under the appropriate theme on our PlanIT Plus database at

The activities can be found in Career Zone under Career Planning. Many of the self assessment results can be saved to the student’s own e-portfolio.

We recommend that students sign up for a PlanIT Plus portfolio before using our career planning activities.